an hour and a half

electroacoustic (7'07") (2007)

Specifiactions: stereo/ diffusion performance.
Alternative title: en timme och en halv

Selected performances:
Ljud o Ljud 2007, Fylkingen, Stockholm, SE
Art is not mute 2008, Ersta Konsthall, Göteborg, SE
ICMC 2008, Sonic Lab, SARC, Belfast, N-IR
UNM 2008, Fabrikken, Oslo, NO
21th Days Of New Music 2008, Weimar, DE
KMH 2009, Stockholm, SE
Elsvets 2010, Fylkingen, Stockholm, SE
Sound of Stockholm 2010, Audiorama, Stockholm, SE
U.S.E. 2 2011, Audiorama, Stockholm, SE
Norberg Festival 2011, Norberg, SE
MuTeFestival 2012, Musiikkitalo, Helsinki, FI
DCS concert 2014, Tanna Schulich Hall, Montréal, CA
Svensk musikvår 2016, Fylkingen, Stockholm, SE

5400 secondbeats on seven minutes.
Mainly set up by fixed, accelerating and decreasing rythms, applying or keeping in mind the “Euclidean algorithm” to determine where the rythms meet.
Title track on “an hour and a half” CD (Pinkpamphlet, NYC) nominated for the Swedish art music prize “Nutida Sound” 2012.

“Eine moderne Klangästhetik samt den heutigen technischen Möglichkeiten und ihrem avancierten Materialzugriff konnte man dann in den Werken von Oikawa Junya, Suk-Jun Kim, Fredrik Gran und Hans Tuschku auf unterschiedlichste Art und Weise bewundern. Das diese frische Musik einer ganz neuen Generation von jungen Komponisten dennoch keineswegs in Konkurrenz zu Stockhausens Telemusik steht, hat der Komponist einst selbst weise vorausgesehen: „Was heute modern ist, wird morgen Tradition sein. Wir wollen nicht vergessen, dass alles, was wir tun und sagen, als Moment einer kontinuierlichen Tradition aufgefasst werden muss, sonst ist Tradition tot.“”
-Toni Hildebrandt, Klassik.com

“…an excellent composer of darkly demure orchestral and chamber music, Fredrik Gran stirs things up with his own, unique brand of electronic music on this anthology, “An Hour and a Half.” The music alternately simmers and churns, always threatening to explode. The five pieces force their way through a noir soundworld, picking up and disposing of static and debris as they move along. Fredrik describes the opening track: “In number theory, with the “Euclidean algorithm,” you can determine the greatest common divisor of two elements. I have earlier worked with the use of this algorithm to determine where rhythms meet. In “El Algoritmo del Antagonista” I have tried to cheat, break and go against this and other rules.” In “Frau Tot ist tot. Sie lebt nicht mehr.”, Fredrik worked with acoustic feedback to build a similarly kinetic experience. The title track, “An Hour and a Half,” has been performed about a dozen times throughout Europe. It’s a meeting between the organic and the mechanical, a restless exploration of the minute, clandestine workings of manmade time. Play this record loud on a good stereo or listen with good headphones.”
– Adrian Knight, Pink Pamphlet, NYC

Released on:
“an hour and a half” album, Pink Pamphlet, NYC, US
“CIME / ICEM 2010 Boucles inter nations” némosyne musique média, FR